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beach battery operated candle



To start the timer unscrew the bottom of the candle and insert 2 AA batteries (not included) positive side up towards the bulb at desired start time. Screw the cap back on the candle. The built-in automatic timer will keep the LED bulb lit for 6 hours, then turn off for 18 hours. For example: If timer is set to 6PM, the candle will stay lit until 12AM and automatically light again at 6PM the following day. The timer will continue to repeat this cycle throughout the life of the batteries. To re-set the timer simply unscrew the cap to loosen batteries and retighten at desired start time.   


Our candles are hand-dipped in real beeswax. Although our candles are battery operated, they should be handled like real burning candles. Extreme warm temperatures can melt the wax and cold temperatures can cause the wax to crack. Exposure to moisture can cause the inner workings of the candle to rust. We suggest storing your candle in the cellophane bag that it comes with at room temperature and in a dry place while not in use. 


We cannot guarantee any life expectancy with our candles due to the electrical component in them that can stop working over time just like with any other battery operated candle or product and also due to different variables (temperatures, handling, storage method, etc.) that can directly impact the inner workings of the candle and/or overall look beyond our control after they have been received. 

However, your Small Town Dusk® candle comes with a 90-day warranty from the time of purchase in case any issues were to arise during that time. Warranty is only valid for candles purchased through us directly (not a retail partner) and proof of purchase must be provided in order to receive replacement.

Still have a question?

Contact our customer service department by phone at 717-556-8154 or email with your inquiry.


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