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home honey bee battery operated candle
moon and back battery operated candle


How can I add items to an order already placed?

Contact our customer service department at 717-556-8154 or and provide your order number and what additional items you would like to add to your order, pending it has not been processed or shipped. If your order has been shipped, you will have to place another order. 


How do I cancel my order?

Contact our customer service department at 717-556-8154 or and provide your order number and request to cancel your order. If your order has shipped it cannot be cancelled.   


What are your business hours?

Purchases can be made online at at any time. Our customer service department hours are Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST.


How do I set the timer on my candle?

To start the timer unscrew the bottom of the candle and insert 2 AA batteries (not included) positive side up towards the bulb at desired start time. Screw the cap back on the candle. The built-in automatic timer will keep the LED bulb lit for 6 hours, then turn off for 18 hours. For example: If timer is set to 6PM, the candle will stay lit until 12AM and automatically light again at 6PM the following day. The timer will continue to repeat this cycle throughout the life of the batteries. To re-set the timer simply unscrew the cap to loosen batteries and retighten at desired start time.   


Why are battery operated flameless candles better than real burning candles?

• Flameless candles are more versatile for home décor, not being limited to placement or proximity to flammable objects. They are safer for families with kids and pets.

• Our LED candles have realistic flickering flame effects, still giving you the comforting ambiance of a regular flame candle but without the soot, melted wax or risk of open flame.

• Our candles have a built-in 6 hour timer which can be activated so that candles turn themselves on at the same time every day. This component allows lighting setups to be more easily accomplished, saving you a lot of the time required to light multiple candles.

• Flameless candles maintain their appearance, unlike regular flame candles that melt. This is very appealing for decorative purposes in homes and businesses.


Can I replace my bulb and is it silicone?

The bulbs on our candles cannot be replaced. The candle bulbs are part of the candle unit and are made of plastic.


How do I return my item?

Contact our customer service department at 717-556-8154 or and provide your order number and reason for return.


What if an item is damaged during shipment?

If your order was damaged, please contact our customer service department so that we can initiate a refund or replacement. A photo of the damaged product will be required to initiate the process. 




Still have a question?

Contact our customer service department by phone at 717-556-8154 or email with your inquiry.


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